Sample Projects

Law firms, bankruptcy trustees, business trade associations and public agencies have sought Dan’s help over the years.

Sample work assignments:

Investigated a $26-million state contract to expand an irrigation canal in Washington State.


A report examining the legislative history of the project. Identified lapses in construction oversight procedures.

Conducted ethics investigations for a school district.


Fact-finding reports to the district’s chief auditor and ethics officer that examined allegations received on the district’s ethics “hotline.”

Examined the management decisions of the Bonneville Power Administration (“BPA”), a federal power marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. Identified sole-source contracts awarded without competitive bidding.


Detailed fact-finding reports that identified conflicts-of-interest and other irregularities.

Served as special counsel to a federal bankruptcy trustee seeking to recover assets. Analyzed bank records and examined insider transactions.


Legal memoranda and other work products examining irregular transactions shortly before the filing of the bankruptcy petition.  

Analyzed the major publicly-funded environmental trusts and endowments in the United States.  


A report examining the structure and governance of the funds and their role in preventing the deterioration of water quality.