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Recent Projects

Law firms, utilities, start-up companies and business trade associations have sought Dan’s help over the years.

Sample work assignments:

  • Investigated a $26 million state contract to expand an irrigation canal in Eastern Washington. Deliverable: A report examining the legislative history of the project.
  • Assisted start-up companies in the clean tech, water and natural resource arena. Deliverables: Due diligence reports and assessments of the competitive landscape. 
  • Conducted an ethics investigation for a school district. Deliverable: a report investigating allegations of favoritism in the selection of a travel agency.
  • Served as special counsel to a federal bankruptcy trustee seeking to recover assets. Analyzed bank records and examined insider transactions. Deliverables: Legal memoranda and other work products examining irregular transactions shortly before the filing of the bankruptcy petition. 
  • Examined the contracts and rates of the Bonneville Power Administration (“BPA”), a federal power marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. Identified sole-source contracts awarded without competitive bidding. Investigated BPA’s 20-year contract with a nonprofit group that included former BPA officials. Deliverables: A detailed fact-finding report that identified conflicts-of-interest and other improprieties. 
  • Examined whether BPA discriminated against veterans in its hiring practices and retaliated against whistleblowers. Deliverable: a detailed chronology that documented BPA’s questionable hiring practices and policies. 

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