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Daniel Seligman is the principal in the Columbia Research Corporation, a consulting company in Seattle, Washington.

Dan has 35 years of experience as a research analyst, lawyer and journalist. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Competitive Intelligence Professional (“CIP-1”).

Dan’s clients often ask him to examine a discrete area of concern, such as an industry trend, an allegation of favoritism in public agency procurement, or the barriers to entry for a start-up company. 

In response, he produces a variety of deliverables. Sometimes, it is a fact-finding investigation that reflects detailed interviews and intensive document review. On other occasions, he prepares issue papers for business or government decision-makers who are under pressure to act decisively and need reliable, unvarnished information. 

Over the years, Dan’s reports and analyses have addressed diverse subjects, including water law and river management, the questionable transfer of assets in a bankruptcy case, and the management of public construction projects. 

Since establishing his practice in 1990, Dan has worked for law firms, start-up companies, utilities, business trade associations, state agencies and others. 

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